Presal® is approved by the AME
Association of Endocrinologists
  • Presal® is sea salt with protected iodine

  • Presal® is used for normal salting

  • With Presal® iodoprophylaxis at the dinning table

  • Lo iodio di Presal® iodine resists cooking


The 100% natural source of Iodine for all
Only 4 grams of Presal®, protected iodized salt, is enough to satisfy 100% of the NRV * of iodine

*recommended daily requirement
The importance of Iodine
IODINE is an essential component for the proper functioning of the thyroid
IODINE contributes to the normal growth of children, normal cognitive function and energy metabolism
IODINE contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system
IODINE is important for pregnant and breastfeeding women
Why Presal®
Presal®is a safe, guaranteed and protected source of Iodine
Do you know how we created protected iodized salt?

The procedure in which iodine is protection was developed by the Caber Research Agreement with the Department of Agro-Food Sciences and Technologies of the University of Bologna

Do you know why Presal® is the Italian sea salt with protected iodine?

In most cases, during cooking, a part of the iodine contained in the iodized salt can disperse, but with Presal® this does not happen. Presal® iodine resists cooking and oxidation while always remaining available and stable. Protection is therefore important to ensure that iodine is always available without dispersion so as to ensure proper iodoprophylaxis at the table for the well-being of the thyroid and body.

Does protected iodine reach the body?

Iodine is assimilated by the body (as demonstrated by the published clinical studies of the University of Pisa, Department of Endocrinology).


approved by the Association of Endocrinologists AME
logo AME
is a source of iodine

AME has approved Presal® as Source of Iodine.
Presal® also confers this quality to products that contain it as an ingredient.
It is used instead of common table salt in all food preparations and contributes to iodoprophylaxis.

LAW n°55/2005
Ministry of Health

In 2005 the Ministry of Health promulgated the law on provisions aimed at the prevention of thyroid pathologies through the use of iodine-enriched food salt intended for direct consumption or used as an ingredient in the preparation and storage of products.